Dr. Rashel Vitamin C Brightening & Anti-aging Essence Toner


  • Clear texture
  • soothing and easy to absorb
  • Skin is fresh and natural after use
  • Leaves skin with natural radiance
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Dr.Rashel Vitamin C  Brightening & Anti- aging Essence Toner helps protect your skin from antioxidants free radicals and even help sunburn damaged skin.It revitilizes and brightens skin tone.It restores skin vitality and radiance.Long lasting moisturizing and strengthening defense building a strong barrier for your skin.Charming fruity refreshing and fresh smooth skin and revitalize skin.It contains high permeability VC essence which can penetrate deep into the skin ,relieve skin thirst ,dissolve melanin precipitation ,brighten the skin and make the skin hydrated and translucent .Mix and extract seven kinds of organic essences ,soften and soothe,refine skin ,reduce skin pressure and glow skin.


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