Portable Tournament Chess Board Set


  1. Durable and can withstand harsh conditions
  2. Boards roll up nicely
  3. Ideal for home, school and chess club use.
  4. Value For Money
  5. Easy to learn from many free books and videos online about chess.
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Portable Tournament Chess Board Set is not just an indoor game but an art too as it encourages critical thinking, improving how a person can handle situation not just on the board but also in real life. It is an essential item to have in your household.

The set has a 9.5 cm king with 3.7 cm base diameter. It comes with a 7.6 cm Queen. This Tournament sized Board Measures 50cm with 5.7cm squares. The Green vinyl chess board includes algebraic notation for game analysis. The Chess Pieces are made of durable plastic. This Board can be folded and carried easily. It is suitable for people of all ages in school or at Home. Order online from SANTA ECOMMERCE and it will be Delivered right on your Doorstep, Workplace or Desirable Pick Up Station at a very affordable cost.


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