Snakes and Ladders Board Game


  • Snakes and Ladders is the simplest and best time Passing game with lots of fun!
  • One of the most popular board games ever in a mini format!
  • With a fold up board and magnetic pieces, this is a fantastic value set that’s a perfect travel companion!
  • Played between 2 – 4 player.
  • This board game is perfect for young children who are developing their ability to count as well as their hand-eye coordination
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Snakes and Ladders Board Game is a fun way to come together with family and friends. Some Board games involve strategizing and making smart decisions, while others are whimsical games of chance. This quick-moving game incorporates elements of strategy and chance.

As children become older and enter grade school, they’re at an ideal age to begin playing board games as a way of bonding with their family and friends over a fun activity. It’s always a good idea to find a board game to accommodate a child’s interests and educational level.
The origins of this game are found in ancient India where it was known as ‘Moksha-Patamu.’ A player moving up the board represented life’s spiritual journey, complicated by virtues – the ladders, and vices – the snakes.
It’s a handy set with quality magnetic features for disruption and hassle-free play. Playing pieces can be stored inside the folding board for safekeeping. Ideal for accessible play at home, school, camping or while on travel.
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