2 Pcs Plastic Adhesive Wall hooks Hangers


  • Strong Adhesive Backing
  • Durable Plastic Construction
  • Easy Installation and Removal
  • Compact and Stylish Design
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The 2 Pcs Plastic Adhesive Wall Hooks Hangers are small, lightweight hooks made from durable plastic that adhere to walls and other surfaces using a strong adhesive backing. Sold in pairs, these hooks are perfect for hanging a variety of items, from kitchen utensils and bathroom accessories to keys, hats, and bags. Their adhesive nature eliminates the need for drilling or nailing, making them a convenient and damage-free solution for organizing your home.

Key Features
1. Strong Adhesive Backing
The hooks feature a robust adhesive backing that ensures they stay securely in place on a variety of surfaces, including tiles, glass, wood, and painted walls. This strong adhesion provides reliable support for hanging items without the risk of falling.

2. Durable Plastic Construction
Made from high-quality plastic, these hooks are designed to withstand daily use and hold up against wear and tear. Their durability ensures they can support a range of items, making them a versatile addition to any room.

3. Compact and Stylish Design
The hooks boast a sleek and unobtrusive design that blends seamlessly with any decor. Their compact size allows them to be placed in small or tight spaces, providing an efficient storage solution without compromising aesthetics.

4. Easy Installation and Removal
One of the standout features of these hooks is their ease of installation. Simply peel off the backing and press the hook firmly onto the desired surface. When it’s time to remove or reposition them, they can be taken down without leaving residue or damaging the surface, thanks to their adhesive nature.

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