Flamingo Headlight Restorer and Lens Brightener(300ml)


  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-heavy metals, safe for health.
  • Provides a deep clean to yellowed, hazed headlights with the use of a specially designed polish and sealant.
  • improve visibility and safety of the car headlight lens, restoring clarity to the lens.
  • Easy to use, the process requires just few minutes to remove scratches and restore the lenses.
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Repair the car headlamps yellow, oxidation, aging, scratches and other issues.
Improve the appearance of headlights, increase headlight visibility, improve vehicle safety.
1. Do not operate in open air(UV repair solution is particularly sensitive to ultraviolet light, in the case of uncoated evenly, by UV irradiation, this will quickly cure, resulting in headlamps blurred). 2. Avoid using in the cloudy rainy snow weather(UV protection liquid need to be exposured in the sunlight for 2 hours, after smeared evenly, which UV curing effect can be more perfect.) Only polished thoroughly(if not polished clean, will affect the operation effect).


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