Granite Mortar and Pestle set(Grinder,Crusher)


  1. This product helps or minces garlic, spices, nuts etc to perfection!!
  2. It neatly gathers the garlic, nuts, spices and grinds them  with it’s bottom till they become powder like.
  3. Grinding with this helps in savings time.
  4. Comfortable handle, beautiful and durable and easy to clean.
  5. It’s durable & Portable
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Mortar and pestle to provides a simple way to crush and grind all nuts and other substances like spices etc.
It’s handle allows easy with comfort for better grinding. The mortar comes with a flat bottom for stability. It’s durable easy to use as well.

It’s great for spices, herbs and medicine or other substances.This product can also broaden your culinary skills and help you prepare most dishes,enjoy the gustatory experience and benefit from fresh ingredients.
The product can also be a perfect gift for yourself,,mom, wife, or others who cooks . It’s a timeless, multi functional kitchen tool which will make cooking a breeze and simplify your everyday life.
Ideal for any cooking & an essential tool in the kitchen.


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