Ingco HSMT8550 Steel Measuring Tape 50mx12.5mm HSMT8550

  • With all rubber cover
  • Integrated handle good for using and convenient storing
  • 3:1 Gear ratio for fast rewind
  • With metric and inch
  • Pure material retracting gear
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INGCO HFMT8250 Tape made of high-quality fiberglass material. Ultra-Glass fiberglass blades are reinforced tapes that are designed to withstand more wear and tear than any other type of INGCO Fiberglass Measuring Tape. They contain more than fiberglass strands for greater tensile strength and superior accuracy when tension is applied. Temperature correction is not necessary. These INGCO Measuring Tape have a proven dielectric strength to assure your safety from electrical hazards. Our best offering is fiberglass housings. The series pairs an incredibly durable housing with our excellent blades. End caps on the arms further protect the housing. We cover each blade with two coats of PVC protected by a double shield, one to bind the fiberglass strands and a second over the printed units, so the numbers don’t wear away.

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