Multipurpose Foam Cleaner

KSh400.00 KSh350.00

  • Spraying gentle foam solution for easy application
  • Bristle top for scrubbing
  • Long lasting
  • Multipurpose usage


This Universal Foam Cleaning Agent contains a natural surface active agent with fast penetration and cleaning property for powerful dirt removing performance. This non-toxic, anti-microbial and deodorizing agent can be used on surfaces of machines, metals, plastic, various office equipment including computers, photocopy machines, printers, interior and exterior surface of car and industry machines, furniture, floor and ceramic products. The product must be shaken before use to activate the foam. Spray it evenly about 15cm away from the cleaned object. After 20-30 seconds wipe it with a piece of soft and clean towel. As for heavy dirt, scrub it with the brush provided then wipe with the soft and clean towel. Order ONLINE from SANTA ECOMMERCE and it will be delivered at your Doorstep.


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