Screen Fastening Clamp/Clip


  1. Damage Prevention
  2. Enhanced Safety
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Time Savings
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Screen Fastening Clamp/Clip is a specialized device used in electronic repair and assembly, particularly for handling delicate screens such as those found in smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices. Made from durable plastic materials, this tool features a unique design with adjustable arms or prongs that securely hold the screen in place during removal and installation.

Benefits of the Plastic Holding Screen Tool:

Damage Prevention: One of the primary benefits of the Plastic Holding Screen Tool is its ability to prevent damage to delicate screens during repair or replacement. By securely holding the screen in place, technicians can avoid applying excessive pressure or stress to the display, reducing the risk of cracks, scratches, or other damage.
Enhanced Safety: Working with electronic devices often involves handling fragile components and sharp edges. The Plastic Holding Screen Tool provides a layer of protection for technicians by creating a barrier between their hands and the device’s screen. This minimizes the risk of accidental cuts, scratches, or injuries during the repair process.
Improved Precision: The adjustable arms or prongs of the Plastic Holding Screen Tool allow technicians to maintain precise control over the screen position during removal and installation. This level of precision is essential for aligning the screen properly with the device’s housing and ensuring a seamless fit without gaps or misalignments.

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