Sparko Black RTV Silicone Gasket Maker Sealant


  • Designed specially for high-torque and high vibration applications
  • Maximum vibration resistance, with outstanding resistance to oils, cooling and shop fluids
  • Guaranteed not to leak
  • Low odor and non-corrosive formula
  • Suggested Applications: Valve covers, oil pans, intake manifold end seals, timing covers, water pumps, thermostat housings, Automobile etc.


Black RTV silicone sealant is a permanently flexible silicone sealant with excellent waterproof performance. This product can be used on glass, PVC, ceramic, concrete, wood, metal, tiles, vinyl and most building material. The sealant is anti-fungal and can be used in bathroom and kitchens.
It is designed specially for high-torque and high vibration applications, like those common in engines. It exceeds manufacturers’ performance requirements, featuring maximum vibration resistance and outstanding resistance to oils, cooling and shop fluids. Non-corrosive and low-odor, this gasket maker is guaranteed not to leak. With a temperature range of -65 degrees fahrenheit to 500 degrees fahrenheit, intermittent. SANTA EMPIRE always has the right gasket maker for your application.
Make leak-proof gaskets and return equipment to service immediately! The Right Stuff is our most advanced gasket maker. It eliminates the need to wait for the gasket maker to cure – just reassemble and go! The elastomeric “formed-in-place” material is more reliable and longer lasting than pre-cut gaskets. It is blowout resistant and protects against leaks and seepage caused by vibration and thermal expansion. Formulated to meet or exceed performance standards for long-term sealability, durability and handling.
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32g, 85g


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