Stack Up Rainbow Tower-Know Colours


  • The toys helps a child know colours.
  • The rainbow toys are durable- they are durable, are hard to get damaged or break.
  • Easy to clean them when they are dirtied and are also ready for the learning activity and can be used with multiple children.
  • They grow with your child- Invest in home education, invest in something durable and versatile enough to grow with your child.
  • As your child’s skills and mental abilities grow, the uses for these toys also grow.
  • Helps in imagination- Gives the children ability to take control. Encourages children to use their imagination and incorporate them into learning and reach in play.
  • Allows children to know and learn the different colors.
  • It educates your child at home as a starting point and encourages them to stretch their imagination even further.
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The Stacking Rings toy is an educational toy for children aged 2-5 years.
At this age, the child starts arranging objects on top of each other, practicing skills, getting to know of aspect ratio, and solving small problems.
The Stacking Rings toy is one of the simplest stackers – constructional toys, and it gives the child a freedom to experiment and practice precision.
It gives a task to the child to arrange 10 circles of various sizes and colors on the conic mast, while there is only one, correct arrangement that makes it possible to put all the rings on it, and to place the sphere on the top.
This toy contributes to the development of the child’s motor skills, thinking, attention and concentration. It encourages the development of visual skills and imagination.
This wooden Stacking Rings toy has all the qualities of a good toy for young children: a simple construction, so that a child of 1-2 years is able to master it; the total number of parts is 15 or 16, which is an adequate transition from the phase of the simplest puzzles towards developing skills for solving complex problems; it is colorful and attracts the child’s attention; all parts are of different sizes, which provides for the child to get to know the aspect ratio of objects.
The simplicity of the toy also allows you to clean it easily. It is made of wood, which is the best and safest material for your child, according to environmental and health standards.


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