Syringe Plunger Push Rod With Needles


  • Fits tightly
  • Accurate measurements
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
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Syringe Plunger Push Rod With Needles is essential When it comes to medical and soldering procedures where precision and accuracy are crucial.

A syringe plunger push rod is a thin, cylindrical rod that is inserted into the barrel of a syringe. It is designed to fit snugly within the syringe barrel. The push rod is attached to the plunger, which is responsible for drawing in and dispensing fluids.

It provides the necessary force to move the plunger within the syringe barrel. By applying pressure to the push rod,  professionals can accurately control the flow of medication or fluids.

Additionally, the push rod helps to maintain a sterile environment. It prevents any air or contaminants from entering the syringe barrel, which could potentially compromise the integrity of the medication or fluid being administered.

Another benefit of the syringe plunger push rod is its ease of use. The design allows for smooth and precise movements, making it easier for professionals to operate the syringe efficiently

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