100 Pcs Self-Locking Cable Ties

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  • Tensile strength: 22 kg
  • Operating Temperature: -35 ° C to 85 ° C
  • Dimensions: 5x300mm
  • Maximum diameter: ø 300 mm
  • Material: Nylon
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100 Pcs Self-Locking Cable Ties is designed for bunching electric cables, data cables or wires and to organize them popularly known as cable management, but with a wide variety of other applications.
Our ties have many advantages over standard plastic ties any day. What makes them especially effective is when you’re mounting a big bundle of cable into an anchor point inside a rack, a good strong wrap or tie can hold the weight and makes it easy to re-bundle later on. These ties also cuts easily to any length you need it to be. They are made of Nylon 66, which means that they are heat-resistant, insulate well and do not weaken or crack with age. They come with an easy to use self-locking catch, which minimizes the time you require to tidy your cables.
Don’t run the risk of dealing with a spaghetti network bomb; attempting to diffuse it and not succeeding is not an option with your data center at stake. With a bit of upfront care and organization you’ll have a clean, safe and hassle-free setup you’ll be proud of.
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