14Pcs Perfect Portion Containers


  • Easy to open and close:
  • Comes with airtight lids
  • Durable crack-resistant polypropylene.
  • Perfect for sauces, food samples, and more.
  • Stackable -easy to store and access.
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14Pc Perfect Portion containers: If you want to make your everyday life easier, then we got you covered. These reusable plastic food storage containers with corresponding fit lids are the choice for you with the most affordable prices.

Airtight leak-proof lids convenient for outdoor use: these containers to bear airtight and leak-proof lids. No more liquid spilled out. The most airtight sealing lids to the rescue. You can take your kids out for picnic with the DIY containers, or simply prep your meal and soup and put all these in the storage container and you can enjoy your day.

Easy to open and close: these containers are suitable for kids to play with since it is easy to open and close. Say no to mass balls all around the house, enough number of the box, convenient to classify different colors of slime balls.

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