4 Way Cross Car Wheel Nut Lug Wrench Spanner Tool

KSh800.00 KSh700.00

  • Easy to handle
  • Premium Material: Made of durable steel
  • Necessary Tool: A perfect tool for cars, bikes, tool projects, building, furniture, and so on
  • Portable size and perfect to take wherever you go


A long-term dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service SANTA EMPIRE IS THE FIRST CHOICE for professional and home automobile mechanics.
This 4-Way Lug Wrench is an essential addition to your vehicle’s roadside service kit. Its classic welded-cross design allows for two-handed leverage to break loose the most stubborn lug nuts, so nothing will stop you from getting back on the road. The cross design is also naturally balanced to quickly spin nuts on and off long threaded studs, saving you valuable time. Six-point openings snugly fit hex-shaped lug nuts and help prevent slipping, especially when they’re worn or rusted. The openings are designed to grip the flat sides of nuts, not the corners, to prevent round-off.
It is made of High Quality Material,  steel with high hardness, large torque, sturdy and durable to use. Chrome plated surface, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, long service life. It has a nice shape Design therefore easy to force on less effort and more efficient. It has an extensive use purposes, applicable to different requirements. A necessary tool for Automobile, Bicycles repairing or maintenance, tool projects, building, furniture, and more. Purchase this tool and you’ll spend less time fumbling and looking around, and more time fixing things, Time is Money!
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