Huawei 4G LTE WiFi Router- With Sim Slot & Ethernet Port

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  • An ultra-fast 4G home router
  • Smooth wireless network connection with robust wi-fi coverage which eliminates dead corners
  • Download Speed: 150Mbps Upload Speed: 50Mbps.
  • Ideal for small business, students, use in holiday homes, or for those who move home often when a fixed line is not practical.
  • Connect up to 32 devices with strong coverage
  • Plug and play. Insert simcard at the back of the router and Browse
  • Turn SIM PIN OFF Before inserting in the router.
  • Universal router- Support Faiba, Airtel, Telkom and Safaricom. Check with your Service Provider to find which network to choose that works best in your area.
  • Make sure You have active Data Plans. You don’t have to purchase daily data, Unlimited Monthly browsing option available on Telkom and Safaricom. You can visit their respective major service center shops and request a monthly home plan sim card to use with this 4g Router.
  • Connects many devices at once Including smart TV, Laptop, Phone etc
  • Purely 4G
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Huawei 4G LTE WiFi Router- With Sim Slot & Ethernet Port connects to 32 devices, is easy to set up and get online fast. Tremendous WiFi signal and coverage throughout the UK, US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and more! Strong signal throughout your home, even through thick walls. Perfect for rural areas, no landline needed so you save costs. Just put your simcard or Ethernet and Browse.

4G supreme speeds

The Huawei B311 4G  hotspot has speeds of up to 100 Mbps faster than most home broadband lines!  Fast download speeds of 150 Mbps. It is Perfect for small businesses, students, travellers, holiday home users, and more. It lets you share your internet connection with up to 32 WiFi-enabled devices. This is a fast and secure wireless hotspot for an affordable low price.

The router will deliver phenomenal speeds dependant on the LTE network coverage available and will also support all previous hi speed data technologies to ensure many devices have the best possible data experience. Make sure SIM PIN is off before plugging in the router. Subscribe your preferred Data Package from Faiba, Safaricom, Airtel or Telkom. You can also Get A Telkom Home Plan Sim card from Major Telkom shop outlets, subscribe to Unlimited Monthly Internet without depletion while the offer last. You may also opt for a Safaricom prepaid plan that also gives you unlimited browsing options.

This router is used as the access point for multiple WiFi enabled devices, such as PC, laptop, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs etc.

Device Features

# Wireless broadband you can take with you

Do you know one of the best things about wireless broadband? No hard-wired installation, so if you move house or premises you can take your internet connection with you. Simple!

# Connect Many Devices Simultaneously

These days so many of our devices need internet access, at home or in the office. From desktops and laptops to mobile phones, tablets and smart TVs, you can connect this WiFi Router many devices simultaneously using WiFi 802.11b/g/n.

#Supports wired network access

This WiFi Router has LAN ports for wired Ethernet connection of your devices.

#Wide range of supported data standards

#Just plug in and play.


The router comes with a 4G SIM card slot. Simply pop pinless sim card into the back of the router, plug the router and switch it on.

#Easy Configuration



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