5D Mink Hair Eyelashes


•full strip


•comfortable to wear

• soft and natural

• reusable

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5D Mink Hair Eyelashes are made of High quality imported fiber, Very soft and light; These just feel like real mink lashes! Give your eyes a full dramatic look. Can be reused 15-25 times. Lightweight and comfortable. Eyelashes are suitable for all types of occasions including daily use, weddings and parties. These glamorous and voluminous 5D hand-made mink eyelashes uniquely and beautifully enhance your eyes.


1. Carefully remove the lashes from the case with tweezers

2. Compare lashes with your eye line length, trim to suiting length and width if necessary.

3. Apply glue along the lashes base

4. Place the lashes on the root of your natural lashes, firm press.

5. To remove hold lashes on outer edge and gently peel off. Remove lashes before sleeping.


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