Araldite Multipurpose Adhesive Sealant Glue

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  • Designed specially for high-torque and high vibration applications
  • Maximum vibration resistance, with outstanding resistance to oils, cooling and shop fluids
  • Value for money
  • Multipurpose usage


Araldite Multipurpose Adhesive Sealant Glue is a permanently flexible sealant with excellent waterproof performance. This product can be used on glass, PVC, ceramic, concrete, wood, metal, tiles, vinyl and most building material. The sealant is anti-fungal and can be used in bathroom and kitchens. It bonds to most materials. Recommended for metal pipes, tanks, radiators, tools and equipment, guttering and stripped threads.
Make sure surfaces are clean and free from dust, corrosion, dirt and grease. For optimum bonding, slightly roughen surfaces with sandpaper and degrease metals with a suitable solvent. For a smooth repair surface, flatten with a damp cloth prior to the material hardening. After 5 ‐ 10 minutes The putty will harden and start to form a strong repair. After 72 hours, the putty can be drilled or sanded.
Araldite repair is a strong putty which sets extremely hard. Fills gaps for uneven breaks. Sets in wet conditions, Water, oil, chemical and impact resistant. High temperature resistance (-40° C to 120° c). withstands Rough handling. Do not use to repair or bond items that will contact food or drink.
It exceeds manufacturers’ performance requirements, featuring maximum vibration resistance and outstanding resistance to oils, cooling and shop fluids. Non-corrosive and low-odor. SANTA ECOMMERCE always has the right sealant for your application.
Make leak-proof gaskets and return equipment to service immediately! It is blowout resistant and protects against leaks and seepage caused by vibration and thermal expansion. Formulated to meet or exceed performance standards for long-term sealability, durability and handling.
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