Armco ARF-D268(GD) 168L Double Door Refrigerator


  • Capacity (Liter): 168
  • 3 years warranty
  • 2 Door fridge
  • Direct Cool Fridge
  • Crystal Vegetable Crisper
  • Egg Tray
  • Ice Tray: Double Twist

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This Armco ARF-D268(GD) Double Door Refrigerator features state of the art technology meant to make your life convenient and easier, all packed in a stylish modern design and sleek finish

Multi Air Flow

The ARF-D268(GD) Multi Air Flow ensures even cooling by dispersing Cool air effectively in multiple directions throughout the refrigerator by using the multi-flow air vents located all over the refrigerator. This helps in keeping the food fresh & healthy.

The Armco Eco-friendly initiative focuses on environmentally sustainable solutions through Eco-Design and Eco-Products, reduction of hazardous materials, and addressing global climate change like Global Warming. Our product emits less carbon and doesn’t harm the Ozone layer so that we have a greener tomorrow. The fridge comes with a 3 years warranty. order Armco ARF-D268(GD) 168L Double Door Refrigerator from in Kenya and have it delivered to you.


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