AVC 5W Energy Saving LED Bulb


•Excellent Light Quality

•Power saver

•Friendly to the eyes

•Low power consumption

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AVC 5W Energy Saving LED Bulb are Not only more energy-efficient than standard bulbs, but they are also much more green and sustainable. They offer Immediate reduction of power consumption thus low power bill. They are also more Friendly to the eye. Trusted lighting technology with longest life cycle. Spend more time enjoying life and less time replacing burnt out light bulbs. The long lifespan is especially helpful when bulbs are in hard-to-reach places. Instant on, no flicker and no buzzing noise. No mercury, lead or conidium and its recyclable. A 5-Watt Low Electricity Consumption, High Surge Protection, Excellent Light Quality Bulb. Order Online from SANTA ECOMMERCE and we will deliver right at your Doorstep.


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