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Test your BS detector with Brilliant or BS?, the unpredictable bluffing trivia game for adults and teens that will keep everyone guessing.

EASY TO LEARN: Read a trivia question and then stay on the court while the other players secretly answer and try to convince you that they know the correct answer without saying it. To win, be the best at guessing who is brilliant and who is faking it!

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 108 cards including 88 trivia questions (categories include entertainment, food and drink, geography, sports, history, science and technology), 6 sets of ABC answer cards, bright and BS cards, instructions. This is the main game of the first edition.

FUN FOR EVERYONE: For 4-6 players. Perfect card game for adults and teenagers over 14 years old. Great game night idea. family trivia

Perfect for all occasions: play at home, on the go, or virtually. Compact size easily fits into a small bag or backpack

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