Car Body, Bumper And Parts Fiberglass Repair Services


  • Easy to repair.
  • Strong bond
  • Saves repair time
  • Same Day Repair
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Fix your cracked lip/bumper the proper way for longer service. Fibreglass or glassfibre is material made from extremely fine fibers of glass. It is used as a reinforcing agent for many polymer products; the resulting composite material, properly known as fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), is called “fibreglass” in popular usage. Fibreglass is used in various industries i.e. beverages, manufacturing, aerospace and many more.

Fiberglass bumpers are important safety devices designed to protect your vehicle from damage. Because they do this by absorbing shocks and impacts, you may need to repair your bumper every once in a while

Repairs to the fiberglass are fairly easy to make. Repairing fiberglass is much more straightforward than repairing aluminum. Often, it’s just a matter of applying more fiberglass mesh to a damaged area. Compared to the extended process of and aluminum body repair: disassembly, structural repairs, body repairs, priming and painting, reassembly, and detailing; the ease of fiberglass repair allows automobiles to be up and running in no time, and ultimately causing you less stress.




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