Car Radiator Coolant – 1 Ltr


Quality Antifreeze Coolant.

Easy to Use

Keeps your operating temperatures at optimum performance

Enhances the lifespan of your engine.




Car Radiator Coolant – 1 Ltr is a ready -to-use premium quality Antifreeze Coolant that has been tested to be compatible with all makes and models of passenger vehicles, light duty and heavy duty diesel applications.

It has been specifically designed for complete mixed use and provides peak performance of vehicle cooling; hence better fuel economy. Easy to Use– Premixed with deionized water for out-of-the-bottle use. The process of de-ionizing water eliminates all of the impurities that can do harm to your cooling system. Engineered to keep your operating temperatures at optimum performance to not lose power through excess heat; it is safe for aluminum and most metals. It contains ingredients which has been proven to eliminate water pump gasket and seal failures; it has also shown in high load, high stress conditions to reduce operating temperatures more than standard coolants. Order this Product ONLINE From SANTA ECOMEERCE and it will be Delivered at your Doorstep.


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