Car Tyre Air Inflator

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  • Wide range of application- cars, bikes, sedan and midsize SUV
  • Convenience: Plug directly into Cigarette Lighter Socket of your Vehicle
  • Better ride, keeping you safe on the road.
  • Helps keep your tires lasting longer

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Properly inflated tires are the most important aspect of safe driving. Tires that are under or over-inflated create hazards for drivers and passengers. Regularly checking your vehicle’s tire pressure not only increases the safety of your vehicle but keeps it running optimally. Properly inflated tires wear out slower and lengthen the lifespan of suspension components, saving you a lot of money and headache
This air compressor inflates car tires and other inflatables quickly and easily and can be used by anyone who owns a car! Since it is recommended to check, and maintain, your tire pressure on a regular basis these compressors make it easy for you to do that without having to go to gas stations.
We recommend checking and inflating your tires before you start driving for the day, when the tires are cold, since heat will expand the tires.
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