Cloth Dryer Laundry Line Rope

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  • 10 Meters Cloth line Rope
  • Heavy duty clothes line rope is more thicker, stronger and won’t break when you stretch it tight.
  • Easy to untie or retie
  • Clothes drying line can be attached anywhere, indoor any rod/bar or outdoor location.
  • Laundry line can be used daily in home, backyard, patio, bathroom, balcony, laundry, rv, hotel, dorm.or as a camping gadgets clothesline, that would be a good choice for those that love traveling, camping, fishing, boat riding, swimming. Use it between trees or in their canopy to attach wet towels and trunks etc

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Replace that worn-out clothesline with a beautiful one that will not snag or stain your fabrics. Its 10 Meters length suits most lines, allowing you to take full advantage of the warmer months. Use extra length to tie up your household items. It is made of strong nylon with good tenacity and durability. It would work perfectly for a craft project display or kids art display.

Lightweight and versatile, perfect for trips/travel, outdoor camping. It is great for hanging clothes outside. It is easy to hang in various locations, you can use in your garage to hang winter coats to dry off, or in the basement as a clothesline in the house to hang up & dry some sheets/blankets etc, you can also install on the wall and hang it during laundry days.
Hanging drying clothesline rope suitable to dry things such as laundry clothes, socks, towels, pets clothing, sheet indoors or during travelling
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