Cutter Knife Set with Blade Changing Mechanism


  • Heavy duty
  • Cutter is compact
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
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The Heavy Duty full steel body 18mm Cutter Knife Set with 5 Sharp Blade is ideal for thick cuts and can be used for commercial and industrial purpose. It contains 1 Pcs. 18mm steel Cutter & 5 Pcs Spare Blades. Cutter is compact and lightweight with comfortable grip and wider retractable blades.

Full steel body is more durable and user friendly. Cutter can easily cut through paper, cardboard and other materials with a thickness of up to 18 mm. It has three adjustment settings for different thicknesses of paper or cards. The cutter unit features a bigger cutting surface compared to other similar products. It weighs 590g without the adjustable blades in use, or 685g with all 5 blades.

This handy cutter is a must-have tool for cutting all kinds of paper, cardboard, fabric and other materials. It can cut thicker objects with ease and the lightweight design ensures it won’t get damaged when traveling.

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