Digital Multimeter AC And DC Tester Meter


  • Accurate professional digital multimeter
  • Versatile, portable
  • Very easy to operate
  • Big LCD display ensures one is able to view the readings with ease


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This lcd digital multimeter voltmeter ac dc tester is a must have. Every qualified electrician knows the value of having an accurate professional digital multimeter in his or her toolbox. This is a very useful tool for all in this field. It is versatile, portable and very easy to operate. The clear big lcd display ensures one is able to view the readings with ease. It can be used for all types of electronics/electrical diagnosis, repair work smd student projects. This compact multimeter with high precision and high performance can measure ac/dc voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, continuity and hfe gain. It is very convenient to carry around. The probes are rubberish hence very durable. Order Online From SANTA ECOMMERCE and we will Deliver right at your doorstep.


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