Drunk In Love


  • Fun
  • Easy to play
  • Meaningful conversation
  • Reunite people playing


X-RATED COUPLES DRINKING GAME : This is our first extension pack, Drunk in Love X-RATED. There’s 50 unique new cards that just might lead you to the bedroom! If you’re looking to really level up your intimacy with your partner, this is for you.

HOW TO PLAY : Same rules apply from our original deck. Drunk in Love is simple. There are 2 players: you and your partner. Each of you alternate drawing a card. If you draw a “…Or Drink” card, you must do what it says or drink. If you draw a “Drink If…” card, the card applies to both you and your partner, so whoever relates to it must drink.

CARD TYPES : 28 “…Or Drink” Cards 22 “Drink If…” Cards

BRINGS YOU CLOSER AS A COUPLE : Cards that bring up stories, laugh, and really do “bring you closer” 😉

SPICY CARDS : Get ready to bring the heat to your date night! INTIMATE GAME FOR YOU AND YOUR PARTNER

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