Fast Charging Phone Battery Booster Board


  • Suitable for phone repair
  • Boost Phone Batteries charge with ease
  • Affordable and versatile
  • Fast Charging


Fast Charging Phone Battery Booster Board is a Professional battery charging and activation board for iPhone and Samsung. It features an Advanced and safe design with fast and efficient loading speed. The battery starter board boost the old battery allowing the battery to provide more power and extend its life.

Note: Before connecting this board to the battery, set the DC power adapter to 0V, 0A.

Usage Instructions

1. Connect the board to the power supply.

– You can connect the board to the DC power adapter using the power cord.

– If you do not have a DC power adapter, you can use a micro USB cable to connect the board to the wall charger.

2. Place the battery on the board and connect to the tuned rechargeable battery.

3. Click the “Activate” button to activate the old battery.




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