GSM Multi-Functional Boot Cable


  • Support dongles boxes.
  • Affordable
  • 6 switch buttons
  • Supports fast charge
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GSM Multi-Functional Boot Cable This new multi function cables helps you achieve all the different types of connection modes on today’s Android handsets.

Micro USB RJ45 All in One Multifunction Boot Cable Supports MTK/SPD boot Supports LG 56k Download mode Supports LG 130k Download mode Supports Samsung 300k Download mode Supports RJ45 Converter FOR UART Supports LG 910K Download mode Supports Qualcomm EDL (Emergency Download)/DFC/Qualcomm HSUSB diagnostic 9008 Supports fast charge Micro USB to Type-C Adapte Type C to USB 3.0 ADAPTER 6 switch buttons enable you to quickly switch modes. Support all boxes and dongles available in the market who’s functions require the above modes to service phones.

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