Gypsum Selft Adhesive Fiber Tape


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Reinforce Walls/Repair Cracks + Joints: This clear fiberglass mesh tape is designed to help with a variety of repair and reinforcement jobs. From drywall construction to crack and hole repair, this tape can quickly help mend and reinforce where needed, but won’t loosen or fall apart easily. Neutral Color – Although easy to identify, semi-transparent color is understated and complements drywall, wood, and various types of surface neutral colour.bThe tape’s glue adhesive is reinforced with a fiber membrane ensuring it stays secure and in place on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. There is no need to pre-apply the joint compound prior to use. The tape and adhesive are made of high-quality materials that ensure safety, security, and stability. It’s easy to cut to any shape or size needed for repairs, and is ideal for tough, hard-to-reach jobs.

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