Head and Scalp Manual Wire Massager



  • Helps in enhancing blood circulation in the head and neck area.
  • Strengthening hair roots and nourishing the hair shafts.
  • Promoting new hair growth and strengthening current hair.
  • Spreading natural hair oils increasing hair luster and vibrancy.
  • Relaxing the neck area muscles and promoting sound sleep at night.
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Head and Scalp Manual Wire Massager is one alternative to eliminate fatigue. It also eliminates stress when done well. It’s performed while applying pressure on certain points on the muscle (pressure points). It is said to improve blood circulation restoring fitness. When done right, a massage can also trigger the release of endorphins (neuro-chemicals that relieve pain) and give you a comfortable, relaxing and happy feeling. This causes the muscle to relax and help healing.
Scalp and Head  Massager Tool is manually used after shaving. The Wire Scalp & head massager will help to increase blood circulation, relax stressed muscles and relieve aches and pains from headIdeal for barber shops, salons, spas, personal and family use.  It is manual and does not use any external energy like electricity or batteries . Order Head and Scalp Manual Wire Massager from santaecommerce.com in Kenya and it will be delivered to you.


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