Heavy Duty 3 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Car Jack


• Easy and simple use.

•Hydraulic bottle jack designed for residential and commercial use

•Engineered using hardened steel for quality and durability

•Easy to lift with minimal effort

•Wide sturdy base for stability

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Car Hydraulic Bottle Jack is designed for residential and commercial use. It is industrial welded and engineered using a drop forged alloyed steel construction that is ideal for quality and durability.

Our lifting equipment products at SANTA EMPIRE have consistently led the industry in quality and innovation. Designed after professional grade equipment standards, the equipment passes current standards and is kept under close quality control from factory to your home. Our products provide a unique twist to your garage maintenance needs.

The inner/outer welded structure and steel construction will keep your bottle jack leak-free and give it an overall stronger build. The fully welded structure is designed for hard-hitting commercial use, making large loads easy to lift. A wide, rugged base adds stability and strength. It features a high-quality glide-action pressure pump designed to lift with minimal muscle and effort and has an integrated built-in oil-bypass and overload valve that protects the hydraulic system from extending beyond its travel limits. Hydraulics are powered with a high-quality oil, which offers better corrosion resistance and high/low temperature flexibility, allowing the unit to operate at temperatures between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. This powerful bottle jack is ideal for lifting cars, trucks, SUVs, farm vehicles, heavy-duty machinery and industrial equipment. It can also be used for military applications, agricultural and industrial environments. Order Heavy Duty Hydraulic Bottle Car Jack from santaecommerce.com online shop in Kenya at an affordable price and it will be delivered to you.


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