HSG1404 Staple Gun

  • Surface plating or , the product is generous ,wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, rust protection.
  • There are three types nails for it, straight nail, door type nail and U type nail.
  • Made of high quality steel with strong hardness that is sturdy and durable.
  • Design of adjustable striking force that is easy to operate by women.
  • Comfortable grip, smooth surface, anti – wear, long life service.
  • heavy duty
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Iron staple gun adjustable driving foree size:4-14mm packed by double blister. this tool is metallic in nature, with two metallic hundles to press pin on material thereby stappling.usded both domestic and industrial. book printers widely use this tool since they stapple large and heavy poaper materials. staple gun has its specially fitted staple pins able to withstand high pressure and large working volume.

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