Jamii Telecom Faiba 4G Wifi Router- With Sim Slot


  • Portable. Carry your internet anywhere.
  • Long up-time with rechargeable battery.
  • Secure. Protects your data
  • Affordable 4g High Speed Internet.
  • Uses faiba Simcard
  • Connects Many devices simultaneously Including smart TV and Computers.
  • Perfect for home use and online student learning- Ensure your child’s education is well taken care of!
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Your data might not be safe when connected to a public network. Your sensitive data like passwords can be intercepted by Hackers when connected to Public Networks. It is therefore important to keep your data safe when dealing with sensitive data by purchasing this portable Mifi and connect to your own encrypted private network.
This WiFi Router is a high-speed packet access mobile hotspot. It is fast, reliable, and easy to operate.
It provides high download and upload speeds. It can connects many devices simultaneously including smart TV. The device Uses faiba simcard which has 4g Network Coverage in Towns and Affordable Internet packages. Get Your 4G Faiba sim card from any Jamii Telecom Faiba Dealer and start enjoying your browsing experience. Portable and therefore you can carry your internet anywhere. Protect your data from malicious hackers. High uptime with a high capacity battery that store charge for long.
Order online From SANTA EMPIRE and it will be Delivered at your doorstep.


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