Signalinks Universal 4G Faiba And All Networks Mifi Router

KSh6,500.00 KSh5,500.00

  • Turn SIM PIN OFF Before inserting in the router.
  • Universal router- Support Faiba, Airtel, Telkom and Safaricom. Check with your Service Provider to find which network to choose that works best in your area.
  • Make sure You have active Data Plans. You don’t have to purchase daily data, Unlimited Monthly browsing option available on Telkom and Safaricom. You can visit their respective major service center shops and request a monthly home plan sim card to use with this 4g Router.
  • High and fast speeds
  • Connects many devices at once Including smart TV 
  • Portable router
  • Purely 4G


Your data might not be safe when connected to a public network. Your sensitive data like passwords can be intercepted by Hackers when connected to Public Networks. It is therefore important to keep your data safe when dealing with sensitive data by purchasing this Internet Mifi. It Connects to many devices simultaneously and you get to enjoy the most affordable data rates on Faiba, Safaricom and Airtel. You can also Purchase a Home Bundle 4g Simcard at any Major Telkom oulets and enjoy the unlimited Monthly Data while the offer last. Buy this MiFi and carry your network with you anywhere, everywhere you go.

Grab yourself this Universal 4G MiFi router and experience fast speeds at very affordable rates on all networks including Faiba, Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom. Make sure your sim card has an active Data Plan and Sim pin is off before inserting it into the mifi device and allow for the network light to show so that you can be able to connect to the internet.

This device has a high capacity battery that allows you to stay in standby mode for up to 10 hours and in active usage mode for up to 8 hours.

It is convenient and easy to carry around wherever you go, with a weight of about 200 grams. This Mifi has thickness of about 15 mm therefore fits easily in your pocket or bag. It’s specifically designed to serve as portable wifi hotspot for many simultaneous devices including but not limited to Laptops, Phones and Smart TVs.

Order online from SANTA ECOMMERCE and it will be delivered where you are.


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