Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Splash


  • Refreshes
  • Yummy lasting fragrance
  • Moisturizes
  • perfect smell
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Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Splash gently moisturizes your skin and refreshes your sense and leaving the skin with a beautiful fragrance. It has a rich, moisture-binding blend that easily penetrates the skin and replenishes its natural oils and seals in the moisture. It makes your skin feel incredibly soft and supple. It has a hypnotic scent that leaves the skin with an amazing fragrance.

Lightly spray over your body after showering or in the course of your say to refresh. Gently moisturizes skin and refreshes your senses. For day long lasting fragrance, use a matching fragrance lotion or body butter after the spray has dried on freshly cleansed skin.perfumed body spray body splash with strong scent Series of delicious fragrances.

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