KNEC Four-Figure Maths Table 7th Edition


  • KNEC Approved
  • Portable Size
  • Constants and Formulas
  • Clear Organization
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The KNEC (Kenya National Examinations Council) Four-Figure Maths Table 7th Edition is a mathematical reference book widely used by students in secondary schools, particularly those preparing for national exams. This edition includes updated tables and mathematical constants, providing accurate and reliable data for various mathematical computations. The book is compact, user-friendly, and designed to be an essential companion for students tackling mathematical problems.

Mathematical Tables: Includes a range of tables such as logarithms, trigonometric functions, squares, cubes, square roots, and reciprocals.
Constants and Formulas: Contains important mathematical constants and formulas, facilitating quick reference and application.

Clear Organization: The tables are well-organized and easy to navigate, ensuring that students can find the information they need quickly.
Readable Format: The text and numbers are printed in a clear, legible font, minimizing the risk of errors during use.

KNEC Approved: As an official publication by the Kenya National Examinations Council, the data is accurate and adheres to educational standards.
Updated Information: The 7th edition includes the latest updates and revisions, ensuring that users have access to the most current information.

Sturdy Binding: The book is designed to withstand regular use, with durable binding and high-quality paper.
Portable Size: Its compact size makes it easy to carry around, fitting conveniently into school bags and study desks.

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