Light Up Squishy Stress Relief Puffer Ball


  • Stress Reduction
  • Portable and Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Fun and Engagement
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The light-up squishy stress relief puffer ball is a small, handheld ball made from a soft, squishy material designed to be squeezed, stretched, and manipulated. It features flexible spikes or nodules that add an extra sensory dimension, and it contains LED lights that activate when the ball is squeezed or bounced, creating a captivating light show.

Key Features
Tactile Stimulation: The squishy material and flexible spikes provide a satisfying tactile experience, helping to reduce tension and promote relaxation.
Visual Appeal: The built-in LED lights create a mesmerizing display of colors when activated, adding a visual element that can help to distract and calm the mind.
Portable and Durable: The compact size and durable materials make it easy to carry and use anywhere, from the office to home or on the go.
Easy to Use: Simply squeeze or bounce the ball to activate the lights and enjoy the stress-relieving benefits.

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