Luodias Perfume Hair Care Essential Oil


  • Smooth feel
  • Restores flexibility
  • Protects hair from heat
  • Feather light formula

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Luodais Classic Human Hair Wig & Weave Repair SerumInstructions For Best Results:Apply to dry hair before heat styling.Squeeze into palm of hand.Gently smooth evenly from hair roots to ends.Style hair as desired.Usage:Daily Smoother Polisher that helps replenish moisture and flexibility while leaving frizzy, coarse hair with an ultra silky-smooth feel. Excellent anti-breakage serum treats dry, brittle, damaged hair by helping restore strength, flexibility and body without greasy build-up. Protects hair from heat and product damage, sun’s rays and the environment. Feather light formula makes the hair easy to style and non greasy. Hair will be bouncy and smooth. Ideal for all hair types.

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