Mechanic PCB BGA Solder Balls


  • Sn63Pb37
  • Approximately 10k per bottle
  • Anti spill bottle plug
  • Sn 99.99% purity
  • 0.40mm
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Solder balls are small spherical balls of solder used in the process of ball grid array (BGA) soldering.

They are important in mobile phone repair because they are used to attach the components, such as the processor and memory chips, to the circuit board. The use of solder balls allows for a more compact and efficient design, as well as improved reliability and performance of the device.

With high reliability, excellent mechanical properties, good thermal fatigue resistance and oxidation resistance.
Purity and sphericity are very high, no surface defects.
Suitable for BGA, CSP and other cutting-edge packaging technology and the use of micro-welding.



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