Painting Brush


•Thick brush

•Easy to hundle


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Painting Brush lets you Achieve a flawless finish on paintwork. The paint brush combines the best of old and new. A premium sealed wood handle and stainless steel ferrule are paired with a blend of finest synthetic filaments for an exceptionally smoother finish and more even release. These quality wall paint brushes for general usage when large areas need to be covered. Wall brushes have extra thickness to hold more paint.  This gives you more finesse and precision when painting. Inexpensive paintbrush useful in all fields. Commonly used for application of polyurethane basecoats, topcoats, and other petroleum or solvent based materials.  Durable and easy to clean, making them easy to reuse several times. Can withstand even the most abrasive surfaces for versatility and most paint jobs. The paint brush is the professionals’ choice for covering the large areas while maintaining the best finish. Place your order today through SANTA ECOMMERCE and have it delivered at your door step.


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