Pattex PL100 All Purpose Construction Adhesive


  • Versatile Bonding
  • Strong Adhesion
  • Durability
  • Easy Application
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Pattex PL100 is a high-performance construction adhesive designed for general-purpose use. It is formulated to bond a wide variety of materials, including wood, metal, ceramics, plastics, and more. The adhesive is known for its excellent adhesion properties, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects. Pattex PL100 is also designed to be user-friendly, offering easy application and strong, long-lasting results.

Versatile Bonding: Pattex PL100 is suitable for bonding numerous materials such as wood, metal, ceramics, glass, plastics, concrete, and masonry. This versatility makes it a go-to adhesive for various construction and repair tasks.

Strong Adhesion: The adhesive provides a robust bond that ensures materials stay securely attached. Its high strength is crucial for structural applications where a reliable bond is essential.

Durability: Once cured, Pattex PL100 offers excellent durability. It is resistant to water, temperature variations, and other environmental factors, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easy Application: The adhesive is designed for easy application. It can be applied directly from the cartridge using a standard caulking gun, and it offers good initial tack to hold materials in place while curing.

Flexible Bonding: Pattex PL100 remains slightly flexible after curing, which helps accommodate the natural movement of materials without compromising the bond. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in applications where materials may expand or contract due to temperature changes.

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