Phone LCD Screen Separator Repair Machine


  1. Easy to use
  2. Lasting Metal Case
  3. Convenient for LCD Screen Repair.
  4. Good quality
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Phone LCD Screen Separator Repair Machine is suitable for repairing most types of Phones. It is an easy-to-use touch screen separating machine, allowing you to easily separate glass from LCD. In this way, you can save a bunch of money by simply replacing the broken glass if your phone touch screen panel still functions well. High quality aluminum alloy heating plate features fast heating, high efficiency, even heat distribution and convenient temperature control. And it offers accurate temperature display for added convenience. Compact design won’t take up too much space. The LCD screen separator machine has build-in vacuum pump for efficient work.
Step 1: Put rubber mat on heating plate.
Step 2: Turn vacuum button on, put LCD screen on rubber mat and fix tightly.
Step 3: Turn on the machine and wait for the metal plate to heat between 80-100 degrees.
Step 4: Start to separate the LCD off the glass with cutting wire, make right and left movement with wire between the LCD and the glass, please notice that you must using gentle power and keep wire on the LCD surface, so that to avoid damaging the touch screen.
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