CBC School Pretend Police 2 Toy Gun With Arrows and Handcuffs


  1. Dual Shooting Guns
  2. Safe arrows
  3. Handcuffs with safety release
  4. Encourages Imaginative Play
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This toy set typically includes two plastic shooting guns, a set of foam or suction cup-tipped arrows, and a pair of handcuffs. Designed to resemble classic action hero gear, this toy set allows children to engage in imaginative play scenarios, from catching “bad guys” to embarking on heroic missions. The arrows are designed to be safe for indoor play, and the handcuffs usually come with a safety release mechanism to ensure that playtime remains safe and enjoyable.

Key Features
1. Dual Shooting Guns
The set includes two shooting guns, which allow for dual-wielding action or play with a friend. These guns are usually made from durable plastic, ensuring they can withstand rough play. They often have simple mechanisms to launch foam or suction cup-tipped arrows, which are safe and fun for indoor play.

2. Safe Arrows
The arrows included in the set are made of suction cup tips. This design ensures that they are safe for children to use, minimizing the risk of injury during play. The arrows are lightweight and designed to travel short distances, making them ideal for indoor use.

3. Handcuffs with Safety Release
The toy handcuffs in the set are designed to look realistic but are safe for children to use. They feature a quick-release mechanism, ensuring that children can easily free themselves or be freed by an adult if necessary. This safety feature prevents accidental lock-ins and ensures that playtime remains fun and stress-free.

4. Durable Construction
All components of the set are made from durable plastic, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of active play. The materials are chosen for their safety and longevity, providing a lasting play experience.

5. Encourages Imaginative Play
One of the biggest benefits of this toy set is its ability to foster imaginative play. Children can create various scenarios, from police chases to heroic rescues, stimulating their creativity and storytelling abilities. This type of play helps develop cognitive and social skills, as children invent characters, settings, and plotlines.

6. Promotes Physical Activity
Using the shooting guns and arrows requires physical activity, helping children develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and overall physical fitness. Chasing after arrows, aiming, and shooting can be a fun way to get kids moving and active.

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