Plumb Line


  • Easy to use
  • Sharp end to give right Calibration
  • Widely application
  • Strong string
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PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: The head of the plum is designed as a sharp point, which is convenient for calibration, and is equipped with a safety helmet, which makes it safer to use. An anti-slip belt is designed in the middle of the plum bobs to prevent it from falling off. The fast stabilizing device is designed at the end of the plumb rite plumb bob to speed up the rapid stabilization of the rope. Nylon clips can better adjust the length of the rope, match different use heights.

EASY TO USE: 8oz plumb bob with string and wire plate. According to the need to measure the length, take out a certain amount of nylon braided wire from the line board, hold the line board or use a heavy object to press the line board to fix it, wait for a few seconds to stabilize the plumb-rite, and then record the position with a pencil. Finally, when not in use, the wire can be rewound back to the cardboard for easy storage and portability.

WIDELY APPLICATIONS:The steel plumb bob set is portable and can be used indoors or outdoors. Carpenters, construction teams, architects, and DIY enthusiasts all like to use the matching plumb tools.

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