Portable Screw Driver


  • Professional disassembly tools
  • –Finishing heat treatment
  • –With magnetic strength
  • –with Non-slip handle


Pentalobe Screw Driver is made of High-Quality Material, steel with high hardness, large torque, sturdy and durable to use. Chrome-plated surface, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, long service life. It has a nice shape Design therefore easy to force on less effort and more efficient.

It has extensive use purposes, applicable to different requirements. A necessary tool for iPhone repair and more. Purchase this tool and you’ll spend less time fumbling and looking around, and more time fixing things, Time is Money!

The tool is needed for most small repairs and basic DIY projects around the house. It’s Perfect for handymen, repairmen, construction workers, mechanics, body shops, etc. also a great tool to have at home, garage, and in the workshop. The tool is easy to carry and store

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