SMD Soldering Paste


  • Suitable for repair work
  • Strong solder bond
  • Has different alloys for better work
  • Can be used in a variety of electronic components
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Solder paste is a complex system that is made of a paste of solder powder, flux, and other additives. At the normal temperature, the solder tin paste has a certain viscosity, and the electronic component can be initially adhered to a predetermined position.
At the soldering temperature, the soldered component and the printed circuit pad are soldered together(Permanent connection) with the evaporation of the solvent and some additives. Its perfect soldering SMD components in reflow oven or with hot air soldering station.

It is suitable for Mobile phone repair, computer and digital service industries, high-precision circuit board SMT soldering, BGA welding process, etc.

Order SMD Soldering Paste from in Kenya and it will be delivered to you.

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