Green Soldering Paste Flux


  1. Improved Solder Flow
  2. Oxide Removal
  3. Enhanced Wetting
  4. Ensures clean, strong, and reliable joints
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Soldering paste flux is a chemical cleaning agent used in the soldering process to facilitate the bonding of metals. By cleaning these surfaces, flux enhances the wettability of the solder, ensuring a strong and reliable connection.

Soldering paste flux offers numerous benefits that contribute to the success of soldering projects:

Improved Solder Flow: Flux reduces surface tension, allowing the solder to flow more easily and cover the joint evenly. This ensures a stronger mechanical and electrical connection.

Oxide Removal: By removing oxides and other contaminants from the metal surfaces, flux ensures that the solder bonds directly to the clean metal, enhancing the integrity of the joint.

Enhanced Wetting: Flux increases the wettability of the surfaces, making it easier for the solder to adhere and form a solid joint.

Reduced Defects: Using flux helps prevent common soldering defects such as cold joints, bridges, and voids, leading to higher quality and more reliable solder connections.

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