Soldering Paste Flux

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  • More control over where the solder will travel – Wherever you apply the flux, the solder will flow to.
  • Expedites the soldering process – It takes less heat and time to get the solder to flow where you need it.
  • Results in a stronger connection – The flux allows the solder to bond properly throughout the target area.
  • Protects the solder joint – This paste not have to be cleaned off after soldering and the residue actually provides a protective coating from corrosion.
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Soldering Paste Flux has a transparent residue and low solder ball rate with excellent wetting ability on PCB Motherboards. Our pastes are composed of environment-friendly flux and low oxidation spherical powder, which are characterized by excellent solderability for bright and smooth solder joint.
Special formulation designs deliver excellent rheology and high viscosity retention ability even after extended open time. With near transparent and no corrosion residue, our pastes guarantees high surface insulation resistance and offers high in-circuit pin test. It cleans and prevents metal oxidation which allows solder to create strong, long lasting mechanical and electrical bonds. It also acts as a wetting agent, increasing the flow of solder and the efficiency of the soldering process.
Prepare the surfaces by removing any dirt, rust, grease, paint, and other contaminants with sandpaper, wire brush, steel wool, etc. For many applications, the residues can be removed with just a rag and some isopropyl alcohol. These impurities may prevent solder flow so it is important not to proceed until clean metal is visible. Various tools can be used as an applicator for the flux including toothpicks, acid brushes and spatulas. Wires and components can simply be dipped as well. One of the benefits of paste flux opposed to liquid is that it will stay put wherever you apply it. Using your applicator of choice, apply the flux to the target areas you are about to solder. The exact amount applied will depend on the job but in general use just enough to cover the area to be soldered in an even coating. Remember that the solder will flow to where the flux is so make sure to apply only where it is needed to prevent solder bridges and mess. Apply heat using a soldering iron or hot air to bring to melting temperature and solder. Remove heat and allow to cool. Remove residue with rag if wanted.
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